14 May

Philippe Garon


I live in the Bay since the birth of my son. Much more than a source of inspiration for my art projects, our region nourished me in my role as a father, lover, friend, citizen. Our region takes care of me, makes me better, heal me, gives me challenges. He provides me its light, fresh air, its energy. When I’m gardening, when I log, when I take care of my chickens, when my dog takes me for a walk, I think about my principles and ways to materialize them. My dream life I live is now and here:

ma chapelle à moi
est faite d’embrun
de cris de geais bleus
quand je jongle
à une présence
c’est debout
dans ma dépense de calories
pour sentir
le temps

(Extrait de « CR!ONS, éditions Perce-Neige, 2015)